Moon Dancer Winery Wine List

Dry Whites
Pinot Grigio                 $21 Crisp and fruity dry white wine w/ loads of citrus and floral notes
Wild Naked Chard      $21 Unoaked chardonnay & wild yeast, bright fruit and a firm sensual body
Chardonnay                  $18 TSO- Citrus, melon and tropical fruit with slight nuance of oat & vanilla
Chardonnay Reserve  $24 TSO - Barrel Fermented, full-bodied with big fruit & butterscotch, unfiltered
Semi-Dry White
Riesling                          $21 TSO- Delicate & lively, tangerine, apricot & citrus w/ a backbone of firm acidity
Semi-Sweet Whites
Moon River White       $16 Refreshing, crisp blend with fruit forward flavors of pineapple & peach
Dry Reds
Cabernet Franc           $24 Parent of Cab Sauv, spicy aroma w/ hints of cherry fruit and cocoa
Merlot                           $24 Luscious layers of fruit, chocolate, toasted oak and silky tannins
Shiraz                             $24 TSO- Full & rich, mixed berries w/ a hint of caramel, black pepper & soft tannins
Pinot Noir                     $24 TSO - Abundant layers of berries and spice, a toasty oak barrel-aged finish
Meritage                       $25 TSO - Bordeaux blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc
Semi-Dry Reds
Moon River Red          $16 Fruit forward medium-bodied chambourcin w/ berry flavors & spice
Specialty Wines
Blue Moon Port          $32 TSO-Richly fruited & complex, hint of ripe berries, fig, chocolate & spice
Arctic Moon Ice Wine $32 TSO-Pressing of frozen grapes creates a wonderful rich & silky dessert wine
Seasonal Wines
Moonage a Trois Sangria $15 The sensual trio of wine, fresh fruit and refreshing juice, the more the                                                                        merrier  
Susquehanna Spice         $16 Warmed Apple or Cranberry Spiced wine, perfect for sipping by the fire. (will                                                         be back Fall 2018)

Moon Dog Cellars (our PA sweet wines)

Ayla's White                 $13 Ayla's favorite, sweet & fruity, perfect for summertime sipping
Buster's Blush             $13 A wonderful blush easy to enjoy just like Buster; what a good dog!
Malibu's Red                $13 This memorable red is a sweet and grapey experience just like Malibu
Cisco's Peach                      $15 Sweet and fruity like fresh picked peaches and summer sunshine
Rocky's Mango                  $15 Tropical sunshine, fresh & fruity like a day on the beach with Rocky
Murphy's Blueberry         $15 A sweet burst of fresh blueberries in every sip, excellent w/ vodka
Alexander's Blackberry  $15 Blackberries jump out of the glass from start to finish; a year round favorite
Bogie's Strawberry          $15 TSO- Just like a fresh picked strawberry from Kuhn's Farm
Arni's Watermelon          $15 TSO-Sweet and juicy just like a big slice of watermolon on a hot summer day